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     Chuck attended Christian schools all the way through high school and came out believing the Bible was completely correct.  Then at a Christian college he accepted the belief that God had used evolution to get everything we see.  After graduating from  Stanford University with a teaching degree, creation remained an issue for his science-friendly mind and he kept trying to reconcile evolution and the Bible.  After attending summer school at U of Colorado,  U of Washington, U of Wisconsin, Michigan Tech, and Grand Valley State U, (all of which assumed evolution in their teaching,) he heard a presentation by ICR’s John Morris and AIG's Ken Ham which brought his theistic evolution to extinction.  When they pointed out the implications of “no death before Adam” and a truly globe covering flood, there was no room left for his theistic evolution compromise. 
      His next "thought" journey then became "how to explain all of the geology and biology that he had been taught"- but now within a creation model.  Many great family trips out west and to museums have resulted from this on-going quest.  Now, after 40 years of teaching high school sciences, he has retired from teaching in the public schools and looks forward to helping others resist the claims of evolutionary science by demonstrating that these claims are scientifically answerable from a biblical worldview.

Fire Control Aide, US Forest Service 3 summers, CA and OR
B.S. Biology, Calvin College
M.A, Ed, Stanford University
Regional Geology, U of Colorado
ESCP Earth Science Teaching, Summer- U of Wisconsin
Oceanography, Summer- U of Washington
Geology and Astronomy, Summer- Michigan Tech
Evolution Institute for Teachers, Grand Valley State U, MI (wasn't convinced!)
2 Creation Weeks, Answers in Genesis, KY
Creation College, Answers in Genesis, KY
Discontinuity Conference, Cedarville U, OH
Creation Geology Conference, Cedarville U, OH
5th & 6th (2008) International Conference on Creationism, Pittsburgh, PA
Summit Creation Sessions, Dr. Kurt Wise, Bryon College, TN
Taught High School 40 years, Rockford Public Schools, Rockford, MI
      (Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Programming, Computer Literacy, Environment Awareness)

Chuck and Joanne have raised 11 children on a single income in a 1,600 sq-ft home, Comstock Park, MI


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